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The Power of Indian Classical Music

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The Power of Indian Classical Music

Indian classical music is highly acclaimed across the globe for its intense power. North Indian Classical Music or Hindustani Music is taken as the strongest component of it. As the name suggest, it emerged and got its development in the northern part of India. Then with the pace of time it gradually spread across India and aboard. Form the day of its emergence till date; it is acclaimed across the globe for its healing and magical power. Musicians, music lovers and music aficionados always praise Indian Classical Music in their full-throated ease. It has some healing touch on human psyche and magical effects on nature.

Healing touch on Human Psyche

It can invigorate us from our daily humdrum and banality. It has the power to soothe the persons with heavy hearts. It adds emotion to our psyches and pumps out excessive emotions for the restoration of mental balance with a touch of pathos. With its divine power and magical touch it can uplift us up to a state of ecstasy. It is best known for its escapism. It can take our souls away from our physical bodies to a world of utopia or an imaginary world. It has the power to equally touch a homesick as well as a happy home dweller.

It can be a real escape of a person in his great distress and dejection. Unhappy people or who are crying for the loss of their near and dear ones can have a sigh of relief from it.  It can even console a bereaved mother in the loss of her son.

Magical Power on nature

It is so powerful that it can bring shower, fire and storm. In past times, musicians and great worshipers of music have been able to lit candles and burners by the aid of this great power. They could set fire on them. Some of the worshipers of music have been capable of bringing fresh showers from the cloudless sky at time of drought.

To let you know the power of India classical music, I am bringing for you a timeless saga. One day the great devotee of music Tansen (great disciple of Haridas) had his performance in a great hall packed with courtiers, royal hosts and guests. As it was a great concert by a great artist many people from far and near attended this grand occasion. As soon as the Emperor came in and sat on the throne, the great musician began his alap (first portion of a raga) of Deepak Raga, the most difficult of all ragas. Fully absorbed in ragas Tansen continued his immoral song. Gradually with the power of music the surrounding started getting warmer and warmer. The audience started perspiring. Leaves and flowers being dried began falling on the ground. Water became hot and began to boil. Birds flew away to escape from this extreme heat. Out of terror people began to flee from the court. Though Empower was listening with great fear and difficulties, he get up and stood. A rose that he often held in his hand drooped and died.

Being anxious Roopa, another great disciple of Haridas, began singing Megh Raga to cool the surrounding. As her voice soared and grew stronger, the sky became cloudy and gradually started pouring down. Many audiences rushed under the cloudy sky to be cooled by the rain. Gradually everything became normal. Roopa getting late in starting her Raga and Tansen being completely absorbed in Deepak Raga, his body became hot and feverish and he died later as the consequence of it.

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